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Especially vs. Specially – Common English Mistakes

Especially vs. Specially – This is an especially common mistake amongst both native speakers and English language learners, so we specially made this post for those who would like to learn the difference. 

Let’s take a look at the different meanings and some example sentences.


Especially is an adverb.

Meaning: Especially is used to single out one person or thing above all other things; especially generally means (particularly)

  • I enjoy surfing, especially in summer.
  • Sleep is especially important for growing children.

Here are some common especially collocation sentences from

  • this {gift, song, poem} is especially for you you
  • was [made, designed, purchased] especially for you
  • [did, made, sang] it especially for you
  • is especially [important, good, interesting] (to, that)
  • especially important in [growing children, pregnant women]
  • is especially [hard, difficult, tough] when
  • is especially [hard] for [those, people] who
  • be especially [careful, watchful, alert] for
  • it’s especially [hot] here in [July]
  • it’s [hot, cold] here, especially in [July]
  • especially in [London, my family, rural areas]
  • [hate, can’t stand] sports, especially [football, soccer]
  • especially if you [want to, are familiar with]


Specially is also an adverb.

Meaning: Specially means for a particular purpose or in a special manner; specially generally means (specifically)

  • She prepared a speech specially for the occasion.
  • He has his suits specially made in Italy.

Here are some common specially collocation sentences from

  • was specially [made, designed, created, prepared] for
  • have [them, one] specially [made]
  • specially [written, adapted, composed, made] by
  • made specially to [save, provide, help]
  • are specially trained for the [role, mission, job, position]
  • specially trained [soldiers, staff, workers, personnel]
  • a specially commissioned [report, investigation, job]
  • specially formulated to [remove, eliminate, improve, maintain]
  • bought specially for the [summer, winter, fall]
  • [goods, fresh fruit, certain items] are specially imported
  • specially for those who [can’t, couldn’t, are not able to]
  • did it specially for you
  • [met, phoned] specially to [get, find out, mention, discuss, remind]

TIP: Remember that specially is the adverb form of special

Especially vs. Specially Common English Mistakes

Want to make sure you understand the difference between Especially vs. specially? Practice making a sentence with these words below in the comments.

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